We live in a world where loving oneself is so rare it’s considered vain, It is time to STOP teaching people that it’s wrong to love yourself. It is time to PROMOTE self love! It’s time to love yourself because, YOU ARE AMAZING AND WORTH LOVING! I promise!! We need to build a culture and … More #PromoteSelfLove

5 Things a Lot of People Don’t Know About Self-Harm

Hey everyone! I hope you are swell :). So look, all around me I hear many assumptions about self-harm that are just plain wrong. So here are some things a lot of people do not seem to know about self-harm. 1. Just because one self-harms that does not always mean they are an “attention seeker”. Yes, … More 5 Things a Lot of People Don’t Know About Self-Harm

The Littlest Things

Hey everyone.  Something I’ve learnt is how when you’re depressed it’s the littlest things that Can switch you from thinking life is okay to hating everything about it.  Earlier, it was because my parents asked me to text someone, and they watched me do it. My brain insisted that they don’t trust me and I’m … More The Littlest Things

Inside Out – Woah.

Hey guys! How have you been? The other day, I went to watch Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Wow, where to start? That movie is one of the deepest and accurate children’s movie that I think has ever graced the planet. To be honest, I’m still processing through it.  It’s definitely worth a watch, especially, if you … More Inside Out – Woah.

Hello world!

Hey! I’m an eighteen year old, who is just living life the best they can. Why am I here – blogging I mean – who knows? I guess it’s just as the name of my blog suggests “A Journey to Mental Wellness”. You see, I am not one who is good at getting out emotions; … More Hello world!