Put the Things YOU Want to be First!

All I have done today is try and complete my essay. It got me thinking until I started university I was never the academic type. Rather, the opposite. I didn’t get good grades or did I try but I did enjoy my life; I did have fun. When I started university I gave myself this pressure to have good grades and I started neglecting what is important to me.

Suddenly I realised that I could do well; I could get A’s. I never thought that was possible in high school, so I didn’t try. But in high school my goal wasn’t to be considered smart or good at grades; it was to be a good person, enjoy my life. University changed that. I wanted to be seen and heard. Don’t get me wrong that isn’t a bad thing if that is your goal. But that wasn’t really mine. Putting this pressure on me made me get bad grades.

My point in this is, choose what is important to you, what will make YOU HAPPY. If it is grades then great. If it isn’t it’s okay to only get C’s! It really doesn’t matter. Grades are just arbitrary. They don’t define you, they don’t make you a good person. Be you, love yourself. Do what you need!

I love you all, feel free to contact me for anything xo


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