Time to be Honest

I’m terrible at writing blogs often, I could lie. Say it’s because I’m busy but the truth is, it’s because I have no idea if I’m any good. When I started this blog I did it as an encouragement; I put a theme in. The thing is, it should not be so forced. I should just write what is on my heart. So here it is:

I love writing, always have. The way words can change a life; open eyes; give you a friend, it’s incredible! Writing for me is an escape, it’s like giving me wings. I can explore, be free. I am an eagle. In so many areas of my life I have been trapped…this is the one area I am not.

However, if I was to find out that I do suck at writing; my walls would crumble. No one has ever said I was good; quite the opposite. I was always told through school that I was terrible. My parents always told me my sister is the writer (which is ironic, considering she never writes). I have always lived in shadows, untouched, unnoticed. This may sound melodramatic but nonetheless, that is what I feel.

I was born with an incurable disability; it isn’t killing me but it also doesn’t make my life peachy. I grew up shy, self-conscious and severely emotionally inhibited. I was never allowed to show emotions, I guess that is when I fell in love with reading. Books explained my emotions that I was unable to utter; this turned into my diaries.

I have started to write a novel, no idea if it is good enough. However, it gives me hope that maybe I could be. I guess that’s the point in talents (or talents you want): to please yourself; to help yourself. Maybe if you’re lucky it can help others too. Either way, I guess my point is this: screw opinions if you enjoy something do it. Do it to your heart’s content. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe not. Either way, it has helped you. Just like this does with me.

From now on, I’m abandoning the theme of “giving advice” and just saying what I feel. That’s how it helps me.

Thank you for reading this xo


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