You are never alone, I promise xo

I finish university in ten months and then I enter the big, real world. The thing is, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Should I continue onto a postgrad (if I decide to go into the career of my degree, I need to do the postgrad). Do I do a different degree? Do I just find a casual job? The truth I feel alone, like I am just drifting through this world with no direction. I am also well aware many people out there feel like me. So here’s my thoughts, life has worked out so far; and I have no doubt it will continue to.

I am a Christian, and as one I really do believe that God will guide me, as I believe He will to you (if you believe in Him or not). I believe the truth is we make plans of how our life will go and sometimes that doesn’t work out. However, I think it is super important to try and find a way to roll with the punches. Do not put your happiness in situations or context because they change. Find happiness within yourself (and God, if you choose) and you will always be okay.

Also remember, no matter how lost and lonely you may feel, you are never alone! You have this! You are amazing, you will be amazing, believe in yourself, believe enough to be happy. Because, you deserve. I know it’s harder to do than say, but it is possible!

Focus on what you can control, as opposed to what you cannot.

Remember: You can get through this and you are not alone

It’s a beautiful day to breathe.

I love you guys xo



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