5 Things a Lot of People Don’t Know About Self-Harm

Hey everyone! I hope you are swell :).

So look, all around me I hear many assumptions about self-harm that are just plain wrong. So here are some things a lot of people do not seem to know about self-harm.

1. Just because one self-harms that does not always mean they are an “attention seeker”.

Yes, sometimes the person self-harming is wanting some attention. However, often that is not the case. Often, they are doing it because they need a coping mechanism and have unfortunately chose this one.

2. IF they are doing it for attention, there is usually a reason.

From my experience, someone who self-harms out of attention usually means that they are not getting the attention they need.

3. Self-harm does not always mean they are suicidal.

Despite what seems to be popular belief, self-harm does not always mean they are suicidal. As I stated before, it is a coping mechanism; this means that they are attempting to cope with life. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean they want to die. HOWEVER, this is a serious issue and must be dealt with my professionals. Always encourage the people self-harming to see someone.

4. It is an addiction.

A lot of people ask “Why can’t they just stop?”  Unfortunately, this is an addiction and is hard to quit cold turkey – just like drinking or smoking.


It may seem impossible, but this is beatable I promise! You don’t deserve to be feeling this way. There are better coping mechanisms, you do not have to be damaging yourself like this. You are beautiful and it breaks my heart to think that you feel like you need to hurt yourself.

PLEASE, go see a professional, get help because you ARE worth it! Yo can get help. I believe in you!

SIDE NOTE: Self harm effects both genders!

Remember: It’s a beautiful day to breathe!


Feel free to comment or talk to me. Thank you! I love you xo


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